My Green Village Dream Is Now A Nightmare! No news is not good news.

Click To Enlarge This is what the dream village looks like in 2012

Green Village CapCana, Dominican Republic – A Mayan Ruins of Broken Dreams, Lost Promises & a  Series of Lies that Continue even until today.

                                                                 THE DREAM

When my wife and I purchased a bungalow villa in January 007 in CapCana Green Village, the CapCana development was a spectacular planned community wth 1st rate facilities including a Jack Nicklaus Punta Espada 18 hole  golf course.  CapCana was building the largest deepwater marina in the Caribbean, Jack Nicklaus’ Golden Bear Lodge and several beautiful private homes were also under construction.The Trump Brand was being used to sell multimillion dollars lots on the Farillon.  This picture and the developer’s  plans were only rivaled by the beauty of the landscape and the wonderful DR people who live and work there.

How could my real estate  investment in the world’s next great destination be anything but successful.   We were so committed to the CapCana Green Village project that we signed a Purchase and Sale Agreement and Escrow Agreement (written in Spanish) after reading this document in English.  We hired Espaillat Matos & Assoc. as our lawyer during this transaction.

Click to enlarge The Models Looked Wonderful


    Our experience and the commitment and plans of the owner/developer lead us to purchase a bungalow villa at Capcana Green Village by paying in full due to a 14% discount (provided by Capcana).  The funds were wired to Stewart Title in the US and it was my understanding that the funds would be held in escrow and a draw against escrow be made as the bungalow villa was completed.  Our bungalow villa at Capcana Green Village was to be done by October 2007 and there was a penalty payment due if the developer failed to meet this date.  When October arrived, the villa was not complete and the penalty by contract began to accumulate.  Capcana even provided the Green village owners with credits to allow free nights stay at the Capcana property.

Click to enlarge; This is what the whole village looks like now


As time went by, the penalty dollars continued to accumulate, several (sometimes monthly) emails were sent to Capcana to raise our concerns, get a status update on our villa as well as an expected completion date.  In each instance Capcana’s responses were they were doing their best to move the Green Village Project along and they were committed to paying all penalty dollars.  Our first known lie was when they canceled the owner’s credit program (without any notification) as well as not authorizing the use of unused credits.  These lies and excuses continued for months leading up to years.  Eventually we contacted Stewart Title and were told all monies in escrow had already been sent to Capcana and they assumed no responsibility for their actions as it was completed per the Purchase and Sales Agreement and Escrow Agreement.  A site inspection of the villa during this transition found it 50-60% complete like hundreds of other villas at the Green Village.  Specifically there had been no changes (not even an additional nail installed) in the last 4 years.          


Click to enlarge; Nothing but 400 ruins


What you will see (see photos)

I welcome all current Capcana Green Village owners to tour the Green Village  for themselves. A guard is positioned at the main entry to the Green Village  stopping access. A soil berm closes off the original entry to the  clubhouse/fitness center. Inside this unwelcome boundary are the carcasses of  well over 100 villas (price range 400k – 800k) left to rot in the sun and rain.  The entire Green Village is overgrown with vegetation resembling a jungle. A  select few of the villas have been completed, but there are no signs of  occupancy.

Click to enlarge Everyone of these red dots paid 100% cash for their unit where did all the money go?

What you will hear

Capcana management has been instructed by ownership to tell current owners  that they still plan to finish the Green Village Project. However, they admit to  having no money to do so. When pushed about their plans and the reality to  finish even one more villa they have no definitive answers or the money to do so.

There is no sense of reality on how to fix their problem. Reportedly, they  previously received millions of dollars from their bond holders and are asking  for more. But, why would the bond holders provide more money without asking what  happened to the previous money. This all continues while 20-30 Capcana  management employees report to work on a daily basis without selling any real  estate

I know there are many CapCana Green Village owners with similar experiences as mine.  Please post any information, opinions, or potential solutions you may have.  We need to find each other, develop a dialog, and establish a plan of action.  There is strength in numbers.                           

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141 thoughts on “My Green Village Dream Is Now A Nightmare! No news is not good news.

  1. I understand Capcana Green Village Ownership is right now negotiating with its bond holders for more money. Does anyone know the name of the bond holders? Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of how the new funds, if received, will be used going forward?

  2. mitch says:

    I thought Capcana Green Village financial problems were solved. Didn’t they get $250 million dollars to complete the Green Village from the bond holder?

  3. Fred Simson says:

    Yes/No: I heard from a member of Corrales GC that they received the money but they used the new funds to buy land for a new development outside Capcana. Is this true? I can only state not one piece of dirt has been moved in the Green Village in the last 4 years (except a Green Village owner financing several his own properties which still remain vacant).

  4. R. Ehrhardt says:

    Your tale of woe sounds exactly like ours. We have contact 2 different attorneys in the DR, the one who handled our purchase & a referral. There was a very wide gap in the fees they charged, but neither was very positive. Basically, pay us a bunch of money & see how it goes. A DR realtor/ friend advises not to throw good money after bad. So, we have done nothing hoping they’ll file bankruptcy & someone else will take over. We are interested in joining in a network to attack this as a group. Thanks for spearheading & let us know what we can do.

    • golfcapcana says:

      Sorry to hear that you suffer from the same loss of trust and money as us. I know what it feels like to be lied to and hear the sam false promises time and time again. Even during my February 2012 meeting Capcana management said they were going to pay us our penalty money. However, they don’t have any money. I don’t understand how bankruptcy helps us. Please clarify.

      We also talked to an attorney who is currently proceeding a case against Capcana, and indicated he is expecting a successful result. But like you he wants tons of money to proceed.

      When was the last time you talked to Capcana or visited your villa site? Have you seen first hand how truly decrepit the Green Village is? It is interesting that ther are several completd villas that are still unoccupied.

      Do you know any other owners? If so, send them this link. This week we will be contacting more newspapers, and news media in the DR to get this story out. Remember, Capcana’s plan is to keep this story quiet and negotiate on a one by one basis. We won’t be silenced any longer. Any future negotiations must be from a position of strength with multiple owners.

  5. Juan Echeverri says:

    Wow, this is exactly what has happened to me, I have tried over and over unsuccessfully to negotiate a resolution to this. I also have a villa paid for and I get no answers. Guys please count me in towards whatever you need to do. My USA phone number is 13057352511. I would love to join your group and show you all documentation I have from cap Cana

  6. surfdiver says:

    Hi, Im a Dominican Citizen (non-green village owner). I found this story while searching for Real Estate in Cap Cana. While this story is very shocking i have a question, if the whole Green Village area hasn’t been completed and is behind schedule for over 3 years, why you don’t negotiate with Cap Cana to exchange your villas for other finished villas or apartments on the same price range that are already finished, so at least you can recover your money. The other risk they are facing is all the owners establishing a demand handled by a respected and well connected DR lawyer and they loosing more than twice (because the said lawyer can really make it stiff for them) of the value of the properties.

    I would suggest all of you to talk to them about this possibility (yes, black mail them) and if you don’t get a positive response, get the most notorious DR lawyer you can get (ahh…btw…you dont have to pay him anything because he’s supposed to get paid by them if he wins the case) and call Nuria for some TV coverage.

    Good luck.

    • golfcapcana says:

      We are looking for a notorious DR lawyer. Do you know the right shark. So far Capcana has shown no respect to the remaining owners in the Green Village that have communicated with us. According to Capcana’s management they only have a select few lots to swap. These lots are on uncompleted golf course that may never be completed. If you want a swap for a completed property they actual have the guts to ask for more money than you paid for your villa. These same properties on a secondary market are not selling or selling a fraction of the price they are saying they are worth.

      • Juan Echeverri says:

        Have you been Able to move forward on your legal process against Cap Cana, I’m trying to determine my next step but don’t really know how others have been doing in there process

  7. Gerard rafferty says:

    I too have had the same experience purchasing a 2 bedroom villa in feb 2007. With every inquiry we just received more lies until the point they would not return emails or calls approximately two months ago I contacted the original broker Javier Herrera who said it would be completed in 6 to 12 months, what a joke. I cannot confirm if they received additional funds from the bond holders but I was wondering if anyone has tried to write the investment off and what is involved with that, I thought that maybe a deduction would take some of the pain out of this, it is hard to believe it will ever get delivered.

    • golfcapcana says:

      Another victim. I have talked to my accountant regarding taking a deduction against this loss and it is possible. However, are you interested in joining a group of homeowners to push for a better solution for us or to hire an attorney. You can still take a deduction based on whatever the settlement will be.

  8. Victoria sotgiu says:

    We bought 3 properties (2 paid in full). 2 bungalows and one villa. Cap Cana paid us the penalties for a short time then they stopped, citing at the tiime that the properties would be delivered within 6 months and they would pay penalties upon delivery (that was 3 years ago). They even sent us an email offering a further discount on the partially paid for bungalow if we paid in full within 2 months. We ignored the email as we had already been waiting for 4 years for the 12 month delivery at that time. Last time we were there in January 2011 our properties looked ready for furnishing but we have had no correspondence from cap Cana on our properties for 2 years. They only contact us when they want money (golf dues etc). Clearly they have no money to complete this project and unfortunately since the vast majority of purchasers did not pay in full, those purchasers are unlikely to pay up. We have thought about legal action, however, if they have no money, what is the point? The global recession has hit cap Cana and we estimate no improvement in our situation until the property market picks up again. We have been waiting 6 years we have resigned ourselves to having to wait few more. If we could gather a big enough group then taking legal action as a group would make more economic sense.

    • golfcapcana says:

      The group is forming. How can we contact you outside of this public blog. You are the first one I have heard that were paid some penalties. To this day they have continued to lie to us that no penalty moneys were paid to anyone. Lies, lies, lies,lies. They SAY they have no money, but where did all the money go? The owners have alot of money, and we still get daily notices of parties going on at CapCana. If you have seen Green Village in the last 6 months don’t kid yourself. The villas are rotting in the sun, and cannot be fixed with the exception of a few. Six years or 60 years this is not going to change. We may be able to force Capcana to finish one street of the village, or at least give us our deeds to our properties on this street as well as compensation lots.

      • Martin Goñi says:

        I am also “owner” of a Green Village bungalow. Please count on me for joint actions.
        Martin Goñi (

  9. Victoria sotgiu says:

    We would be interested in forming a group and getting a good attorney. Cap Cana should be forced to at least give us completed properties of equal value (inclusive of penalty payments owed). If we can find the majority of owners who have paid in full to join us even better. How about a conference call to discuss all this? I can set this up. Thoughts?
    Victoria & Andrea (203-832-2796).

  10. Freddy says:

    I am in. I purchased a property in Green Village in 2007 with the promised that in
    6 months was to be completed. Well, I am still waiting. I gave the required 35% down. Plenty for me. I was also promised lots in Ciudad Las Canas which is outside Cap Cana proper. Anyone thought about contacting the Commercial Section at the US Embassy in DR? Embassies are there to represent US citizens and look out for our interest. Whatever we do has to be as a group in order to show unity hopefully make then negotiate. 703.835.1462 –

    • Juan says:

      Freddy hace you called CAP cana, they need to offer us solutions, I also have 35 percent down, plus all the interest that has piled up, plus the discount on the unit. They need to give you something or did you already recieve the lots.

  11. Juan Echeverri says:

    Hi Guys, anyone have any news regarding this, does anyone want to team up with e and get a unit that is already finished> I have about 400k into this project, I believe with another 400k we can recieve an apartment that is already done< i just dont want to to put another penny into this.
    or any other solution would be appreciated, anyone have any responses from CAP CANA

  12. Martin Goñi says:

    I would be happy with any solution although I left the case in hands of a law firm in NY last week.
    My email is
    Please contact me

  13. xgodfrey says:

    I am told that the apartments being defaulted on at Las Palmeras are now being offered to Green Village owners, and as they are coming in 30% cheaper owners are happy. Doesnt sound to me as though you are all too happy.

  14. Juan says:

    Haven’t heard from any of you, does that mean you had all your problems resolved. If you have can any of you help. Me

  15. Victoria sotgiu says:

    I spoke with them last month and they told me they have delivered a few units. They sent me photos of our furnished units. There seems to be an issue with a/c and utility supply. They want us to pay extra now for that so they can deliver. I am still waiting for that info….. I have sent several chasers to get this info but to no avail. They suggested I could trade in my gv properties for plot in las canas or raquet village.
    We are still interested in taking further legal action against them.

  16. juan says:

    May I call you, I call them atleats teice a week and they offer me something neew everyday! But i refuse to pay more money or even what it was 5 years ago. We need to all team up and get our moneys worth or atleats a deep discout. If not we will be losing anywhjere between 60-80percent of market value.

  17. Gianmaria says:

    Hi guys,

    I just found this very interesting blog today. In 2007 I prepaid 100% of my villa at GV and I am now in the same situation you are. Over the last 5 years I got nothing but lies from the Cap Cana management. I also hired a good lawyer in Santo Domingo who is costing me a fortune and obtaining no result.

    I would be happy to join your group and start making some noise.
    My email is

  18. Victoria sotgiu says:

    I spoke to cap Cana last week who confirmed some GV owners are being offered punta palmera units. This is only for those who have not paid 100% already. I have now been offered delivery but have to fit my own water heaters, a/c units and tv’s.
    Still verifying cost of this so we get credited correctly by cc.

  19. Juan says:

    Victoria have they offered you a discount, the punta palmera apartments, they will credit you forwhatyoupaid but then charge youth at much more than the apartment is worth so in the end it’s just cheaper to buy it aftermarket

  20. Gerry says:

    Does anyone go to cap Cana anymore? Has anyone been there recently? Meaning even if they deliver the property what’s the point as nobody will rent it

  21. capcanajustice says:

    i bought and paid full 2 village. and i went to capcana on sept 2012 and everything is as same. no club, no tennis camp, only 5 village 70% construction. no nothing! is time to act. The only thing my case im dominican and american. i flight each month to my countrie. i have a strategy how to fight this and show them how it feels to lose control.
    Is not only a lawyer, they stop case with relations. they are tricked guys, but believe me so do I.
    anyone who want to join me, i will explain face to face the strategy.
    send me your email, phone and city you live to plan a meeting with near city.
    im in florida too.
    let’s start to win this. email

  22. Ray Ehrhardt says:

    Wondering how the group effort is going. We did hire a DR lawyer & Cap Cana is offering us an “almost completed” GV villa closer to the clubhouse so they value it higher. What a joke. The attorney says that the unit will require approx $35,000 to get it liveable (pool, ac, furnishings, etc.). Then maintenance fees are to be determined. With maybe only 20 units complete, who knows what those will be to maintain the pool, clubhouse, roads, etc. Please contact us:

    • Freddy says:

      Ray – Excellent point about the maintenance fees. The more I think about this mess the best option is to form a Coop to deal with this as a group.

    • Victoria sotgiu says:

      What units are they offering you? Wouldn’t they be purchased by someone else already? I hope it is not any of my units (1172, 1171, 1163) which are near the clubhouse, which they offered to deliver to us provided we pay for a/c, water heater and other necesseties. We rejected their offer, as ths is not what we paid for. If they are not able to give you the title what is the point? What recourse do we have to Stewart title who were supposed to hold funds in escrow as the development was completed. Cap Cana basically stole our money, and Stewart title allowed them to do it.

      • golfcapcana says:

        As I stated in my original comment, Stewart Title is suppose to give us a Certificate of insurance, and clear title. We also had the same misleading belief that our money was being held in escrow by Stewart Title. Our US attorney believes Capcana only made Stewart Title an entity in the US for transfer of funds to CapCana. However, he also believes that as we stated Stewart Title should give us clear title, and to date they have not.

        Everyone should be calling Stewart Title for additional information in regards to their property. Even though our funds were not held in escrow some buyers money had special stipulations that their money was to be held in escrow. Maybe you are one of those lucky few. At the very least we may get our clear title for the land, and maybe glean some new information. Please post any findings.

      • golfcapcana says:

        Here are some numbers for Stewart Title. For Spanish (713) 589-6474. For Claims for the Dominican Republic (809) 472-2929. For Stewart Title corporate headquarters (800) 783-9278. Customer service email address

  23. Freddy says:

    Juan – are you interested in forming a partnership and see if we can get something finished? If we can team up maybe they will be willing to negotiate. To rest of you – this offer is open to anyone interested.

    • says:

      Freddy, I would be more than interested. Can we get on the phone? What type of property did you purchas? And how much did you put down?
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    • juan echeverri says:

      did you finally build on your lots? hope all is well my friend

  24. David Elias says:

    Looks like we are all in the same boat. I bought in full a 2 bed villa in 2007. Capcana said this week they hope to have an agreement with the bond holders in December and then they would continue with the development. I had to bite mi cheek to stop bursting out with Hysterical laughter. The best option is for the owners to get together and takeover Green village without involvement or at least minimal involvement of Capcana and there are moves to do that with some of the larger owners. Lets try and get together to form an owners association to move things along. My email

    • Freddy says:

      David – Any news after Cap Cana’s Bond holders meeting? I talked to Cap Cana last week and they told me the same thing. Hope they are not telling us that as a delay tactic.

  25. Freddy says:

    To all interested parties,

    I am a Green Village owner and I am proposing to form a group (Cooperative) and hire a reputable construction company to give us an estimate as to how much it would cost to finish the unfinished properties. We would then negotiate with Cap Cana and have them turn over the titles to us. As a cooperative we will have more leverage to not only negotiate with Cap Cana, but with any big name resort property management company like Wyndham Resorts.

    The bottom line is that it is in our best interest to finish the project to ensure that our investment is protected. We all trusted Cap Cana to do that for us, but now it is out turn to take charge and really look after our investment.

    I am proposing a cooperative because it is a business owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services. We all invested in Green Village for the same reasons whether it was for business or as a vacation property.

    Who’s with me????

  26. Juan says:

    Im 100 percent with you, can we conference call, let’s bring the fight to them

    • Freddy says:

      Juan – Cuando quieras podemos hacer el Conference Call.

      • picco francesco says:

        hi Freddy, I m another victim of GV. Cap Cana delivered to me recently the unit fully furnished, It is beautiful as they promised 6 year ago, however, they gave me the key
        but not the property title therefore I cannot sell it and rent it either because the nearby infrastructure is deserted. It is a real pity, Im confident that something
        can be done, let’s go all together and try to recover it if possible. I like the idea of the
        cooperative. Please, let me know when you are ready to move! My ph
        one is 1+305
        951 8631 email francopicco1

  27. Giangic says:

    I would also join the conference call.

  28. Ray Ehrhardt says:

    I’m interested.

  29. picco francesco says:

    franco says, I understand that at the moment the new highway from Sto Domingo to cap cana
    is ready to go and this is a good news because will stimulate local people to buy a property
    in this area, they will arrive here in 2 hours instead of 4.

  30. Juan says:

    Freedy si quieres llámame a Colombia o hablamos por skype. 011-57-311-6174457 o jfeinc2000 por skype

  31. Juan Echeverri says:

    anyome heard of anything goin on?

  32. Gerry says:

    Absolutely nothing they do not even return calls what a joke

  33. Juan says:

    Hello guys,
    Freddy and I will be traveling to Cap Cana, Thursday Nov 29′ until Saturday. We will be meeting with management and an attorney to try to get some information or our issue resolved. Anyone who would like to join, is more than welcome too, I look forward to your comments,

    • Freddy says:

      Juan – Te llamo hoy por Skype a tu numero en Colombia.

    • Freddy says:

      Juan – Acabo de hablar con Cap Cana y tengo noticias. Cuando podemos hablar?

    • golfcapcana says:

      We cannot be in DR then, but are interested in joining your effort once you meet. One detail that has not yet been discussed is – statute of limitations. Your attorney may be able to tell you whether there may be a time limit on when we can file a formal complaint. Knowing CapCana they are aware of every trick in the book to stall, and would love to wait us all out until we are left with even less than nothing.

  34. Carl Drinkwater says:

    I am also a Cap Cana owner who has had the same problems as mentioned above. I would like to be part of any group that can help resolve this issue. Carl D on 0044-7815061550 –

  35. Ray Ehrhardt says:

    Our DR attorney met last month with Cap Cana & they have offered us an almost finished GV villa near the clubhouse in exchange. We are waiting for their proposal in writing, but uncertain if we will accept it. Please let us know how your meeting goes.

  36. Gerry says:

    Unfortunately I cannot but would love to hear about it

  37. juan says:

    Hola Freddy,
    En este momento estoy em Ecuador, podemos hablar por skype a las 1030am hora local. Me skype is jfeinc2000. Miuchas gracias por estar tan pendiente. Hablamos ahorita

  38. Gianmaria says:

    Juan Y Freddy:

    Seria posible hablar con Ustedes sobre este tema?

  39. Ray Ehrhardt says:

    Hope you guys comment in Englishbaftermyour meeting. Would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

  40. Juan says:

    Hello guys, I met with Franco this morning, we will be leaving on Thursday, I will start an email list today and copy all of you so you know what’s going on. Please reply Iwish your names and phone Numbers as well as your unit number so I may take a picture of it and send it to you all when I go visit this weekend.

    • Martín says:

      I’m in. Unit 3103. Martin Goñi from Spain.
      Thanks a lot and good luck!

    • golfcapcana says:

      Keep us all informed. There is strength in numbers. Let us know what Capcana says & what a plan of attack should be. Also wanted to ask everyone if they ever received a deed or a title insurance policy from Stewart insuring that there was good title to the land?

    • Tor Sotgiu says:

      Good luck with your meeting. We were offered delivery of our units but without a/c, water heater and other necessities. This is not acceptable as it is not what we paid for so have refused this offer. Without a finished clubhouse the units are worthless. Re Stewart title, they were supposed to hold funds in escrow, so there is a complete violation of legal contract there alone. Keep us involved please. Our units are 1172, 1171 and 1163 in GV.

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Freddy says:

      Juan – Thanks. I sent you the info you requested to your email above. Looking forward to see what Cap Cana have to say regarding this mess.

  41. Juan Echeverri says:

    guys, i am putting an email list together we can can al cc: all correspondance since we are the same page. I will put together the first email with the name of the owner, and the unit number. if its possible for all of you to fill that in. It would also be good if you filled out how much deposit or payment you gave them and how much in fees and penalties they owe you. we can also include the percentage discount they were supposed to give you on your unit. So far I have 8 emails, If any of you are missing please send me your email to as long with your unit number. Thank you. we will get through this vicotirous

    • ENRIC I ROSA says:

      Good evening John,

      We are Spanish, and we have fully paid unit 1173. At the time of going to receive fully furnished although we saw was quite shabby, dingy furniture, rusty lights, etc …, regardless as we were told that there were few completed units could not start the air conditioning it would be worth a lot of money, they did not have, so they offered to install a splitz and a gas heater even asked us what we paid what we already subtracted change of maintenance fees.

      As we saw seemed to nearby units a jungle, we saw that we would have to invest a lot of money to keep adecentarla and therefore do not receive it.

      We are interested in joining the group to see if together we can achieve it on.

      I would appreciate your feedback. greetings


  42. picco francesco says:

    there are hundreds legal actions against cap cana and so far pure waist of time and money!
    Have you tried through your american embassy?

  43. Ray Ehrhardt says:

    Juan, hoping no news is good news!?

  44. Juan says:

    Hi guys,
    Well….I went there. I saw this beautiful dream, which is still beautiful but far from finished. I spoke to the administration who was extremely helpful, but at this point as they say it is out there hands. I am waiting a response from my attorney to see what action we can take, I am also waiting for word from cap Cana attorney to see what solution they can give us, for now we continue to wait. Sorry guys I wish I had better news. On a bright side the project does still look ESPECTACULAR unfortunately our area is pretty badly abandoned, but I honestly don’t think they will give up on it, hopefully they will sort it out and recover our investment. Let me arrange my thought of what I saw, and send you guys some photosnext week.

    • Freddy says:

      Juan – It is true that the place is beautiful, but it is unfortunate that the management is SO irresponsible. The saddest part is that even the management is telling us that it is out of their hands. God help us all..

    • golfcapcana says:

      Thanks for your information and trip. Who specifically at CapCana did you speak with? What is the name of Cap Cana’s attorney? Was there any signs of life at CapCana’s other areas?

      Has anyone spoken to Stewart Title?

      Does anyone know who the bond holder on CapCana is?

      I only have questions today and no answers also.

  45. Ray Ehrhardt says:

    Pretty scary because if it’s out of their hands, who’s hands is it in? Any idea??

  46. Juan says:

    According to them, it’s in the bond holders hands now. They own the project now that cap Cana defaulted

  47. Rosa Maria says:

    A lot of interesting questions during the last weeks. Is there somewhere a summary of the answers?

    • Freddy says:

      All – I contacted Cap Cana last week and again they offered me three lots in Ciudad Las Canas. I am contemplating accepting their offer. Any thoughts?

  48. P Hoyes says:

    Can you please add me to the email list? I’m a Cap Cana owner that was also left in the dark. Grateful to see there is a group organized to deal with this. Are any of you paying the maintenance fees? We stopped more than a year ago when our DR lawyer advised us to stop.

  49. francopicco says:

    Better you evaluate seriously this offer rather then running the risk to loose everything!

  50. Juan Echeverri says:

    Hello guys,
    I have been contacted by a couple of home owners that want to wage a smear campaign against Cap Cana. In not sure how I dfeel about this, but they claim to have news and media connections in DR that will help bring to light the scandal with green village and the lack of cooperation with management. When I went to Cap Cana, I was shown most of the project, which pretty much looks intact but also very very vacant.
    I was only able to see a few units of green village as most of the place is being overrun by weeds.
    I was offered a bungalow, but that was only when I was there, then nothing happened. I have been trying to resolve this issue as amicably as possible but I just don’t know what to do anymore.
    Anyone else have any news?

  51. Juan Echeverri says:

    Hi guys,
    After many phonecalls, a couple of visits and endless emails I have finally thrown in the diplomatic towel. I tried to defend and understand the global situation and how It was affecting cap Cana, but the lack of communication and care free attitude by cap Cana staff is just ridiculous, I was bounced around from person to person until I visited Cap Cana and met Susana Valdez who WAS the attorney in charge of helping me resolve all these issues, after 3 months of nothing she finally wrote me back stating that she had personal issues and was handing over my case to Jorge Subero, since then I have wrote various emails with absolutely no response.
    So now what??
    I have no other choice but to finally do what I have been reluctant to do over the last couple of years, I’m mounting a lawsuit against cap Cana and there management, I will be using my same attorney who handled my purchase 6 years, I didn’t want to throw more money at this. But with all that is invested I have no other choice.
    Of any of you would like to join this lawsuit please let me know and let’s set up. Conference call to act accordingly. My number 1-305-735-2511 please feel free to call me anytime as this will be my priority, this needs to be resolved and someone must take responsibility.

    Juan Echeverri
    Disappointed Green Village Owner

    • Freddy says:

      Juan – The only obstacle I see with the lawsuit is that the case will have to be tried in Dominican Republic. Cap Capa can delay this for years with no resolution. Trust me, I have tried everything. Is your attorney in DR? A few years ago i contacted a very reputable firm in DR (Pellerano y Herrera) to give a legal analysis of the contract i signed. The language is all in favor of Cap Cana and the only option is to take the case to court. With the court system being what it is in DR, the case can drag for years making it extremely costly.

      At the time I purchased Green Village, I was working for the U.S. Embassy in DR. Because I have experience in the diplomatic world, I recommend the embassy route. There is US Commercial section at the embassy that its mission is to represent the interest of US investment in country. I am in the process of getting contact information to write a letter to the Commercial Attache there.

      We also have another avenue we can pursuit. The media is a powerful tool that if exploited we could get at least some reaction from Cap Capa.

      The bottom line is that -at this time – I support ANY course of action.

      Let me know what you think.

      • Ray Ehrhardt says:

        Please post a contact name at the Embassy when you have it. Can’t hurt to fire some letters off to them & see if it helps. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

  52. Giangic says:

    I am also on your side for any action you want to pursue. Weeks,months and years have now passed by and the result is that we neither have our villas nor our money back. My famous attorney in DR (Headrik, Rizik, Alvarez and Fernandez) doesn’t seem positive about a law suit that in their opinion will be just a loss of money and time. The main reason is because Cap Cana today is an empty box, owning nothing but debts.

    In any case I am available to participate in any action you may want to start otherwise in 10 years we will still be here trying to find a solution.

  53. Juan Echeverri says:

    You were one of the first Carl, I got you! Lets see if in lucky number 2013 we can resolve something

  54. Ray Ehrhardt says:

    Our email is We are waiting for an update from our DR attorney this week & will let you know what he says, but would like you said , we should keep these types of comments private within this group.

  55. Juan Echeverri says:

    I also had you ray! Putting together the email will have it by this afternoon

  56. Juan Echeverri says:

    If you didn’t receive an email from me in the last couple of days please post your email address so I may add you to our growing list of homeowners. For all others could you please confirm receipt of email so that I know who we are I communication with.


  57. Cliona says:

    Hello, we are from Ireland and have also purchased in Green Village. We would be interested in joining any action that you are considering as a group. We too are frustrated and have lost a lot of money in this deal. my e-mail is Thank you, Regards, Cliona

  58. ron cooperman says:

    I own a villa in Caleton #54. Even though my villa is complete I have spent over 100,000 since taking occupancy to make it livable.
    I feel your pain and will rent my villa with staff cheaply to frustrated GV owners

  59. Steve Grant says:

    I also purchased a villa in 2007 and paid the full price. Like the rest in this blog, I’ve gotten no communication or response to questions. My email is if someone is creating a list for sharing information. I appreciate anything that is learned. My limited understanding is that the developers have lost some or complete control of the property. Can anyone clarify who, if anyone, has the obligation to fulfill our contracts or even owns the sites today? Thanks.

  60. Kim Delauter says:

    Yeah, my nightmare started in 2007. I was told my Green Village bungalow would be done in October 2008. As far I know they still haven’t broke ground on it. i understand Hizoury travels with body guards now. Probably a good thing. The lies just keep on coming. IMy attorney has informed me that the contact person is now a guy named Churchill Gonzales who is called the ” Negotiation and Administration Manager ” of Cap Cana. Other wise known as ” Head Bullshitter “.

  61. omar mourad says:

    Im also in the same problem with Green Village please advice what you have done untill now and what I can do to help my email is

  62. GR says:

    does anyone have anything new?

  63. Juan echeverri says:

    Hi guys,
    It’s been over a year since we last communicated, I am still in the same position without a resolution. Has anyone heard or has done anything. Hope everyone is ok . Best

  64. Ray Ehrhardt says:

    We traded our 2 bdrm GV villa for a completed 2 bdrm condo at Punta Palmera

    • Gerard Rafferty says:


      No money exchanged? Ie flat trade?

      Sent from my iPhone


    • omar mourad says:

      How much the Punta Palmera condo costs?

    • golfcapcana says:

      As the originator of this blog. I am glad to see there finally is some movement where CapCana recognizes the GV homeowners. Can all parties take the time to review Alan’s questions, so that we all can resolve the terrible mismanagement of our funds and our property. Has anyone hired an attorney or started litigation? When was the last time any of you visited Capcana? Is it coming back? I know each of us had dreams of a tropical paradise and a great investment when we purchased the property in GV. Please advise us in detail of your successes and failures.

  65. Martin says:

    Hi Juan, I’m in the process now. I’ll let you know.

  66. Alan says:


    When did you complete your deal to switch from your 2 br GV? Who did you negotiate with? Are you are aware of any others that were offered this deal? You indicated you indicated there were no additional fees for the switch. Is there a monthly condo fee, and when do you start paying it? Have you had any renters?

    I know this is a lot of questions. But we paid full price and have been totally frustrated by their lack of communication. Did you hire an attorney. Please feel free to email me at my personal email address. We need your help.

  67. Juan echeverri says:

    Hi guys
    Im planning a trip to cap Cana to try to put a little pressure in managements and see if we can find any type of resolution. Is anybody interested on joining me? Has anyone had any contact with them.
    When I went last November I was asked to give another 200k and they would trade my unit to an apartment in punta palmera, i was and i am still hesistant about giving them anymore money. Any of you have any thoughts or suggestions

  68. golfcapcana says:

    Juan, I am definitely interested in having a face to face with CapCana. It would be best for a group of us to go together to show a position of strength and solidarity. When are you going? Who are you planning to speak with? You can count on me if I don’t have a conflict on your dates. Naturally I would like to have some time beforehand to make travel arrangements. Contact me directly at

    • juan echeverri says:

      hello my friend, did you resolve your issue with Cap Cana. I have been speaking to a couple of attorneys who are currently putting together a class action law suit

      • says:

        I understand that at last cap Cana release Properti deed. However everybody should cooperate to keep the maintenance going to property in good shape ready forsake and or rent.

        Franco Picco Lloyds Continental C. 3059518631


      • golfcapcana says:

        We have not received any property deed. Was your villa finally completed? Have you met with these people recently or seen your property? Is your villa completed among the ghost town of other properties?

      • says:

        Sorry, please read” to keep property in good shape ready for sale and or rent.

        Franco Picco Lloyds Continental C. 3059518631


    • juan echeverri says:

      Hi bud, could you respond with your contact info, so I can call you and we may talk about this. hope all is well, well besides this. talk to you soon

  69. GR says:

    i would be interested in accompanying you…when are you thinking about going

  70. Fernando says:

    I do work in the industry since 2007 and have heard too many night mare stories…first of all have a closer look to the country:
    You will find:
    – a country with growing tourism and no infrastructure
    – a corrupt governemt that does not care about its own people and even less tourists (the other day bavaro playa in front of melia hotel smelled like a stinking sewer. How can a government allow a place visited by millions end up like this?
    – a law system that does not function thanks to corrupt governments
    – Cap Cana in my opinion is for years faking the building of prime communities to enrich their own pockets and noone really cares about it.
    How to overcome?
    – there is many foreign developers in the country buy from similar minded people that have a certain standard on how to manage things but never buy pre-construction!
    Hope this helps!

  71. Alexis Guerra says:

    I buy a bungalow in 2006 and we are still waiting for delivery. I have been visiting the project lately and I see that is evolving slowly. The next weekend’ll take some pictures and try to send them. I apologize for my bad English

  72. Tonia says:

    This is a terrible situation for all of you. I hope your properties produce some value for you now that it seems like properties are being finished. We rent from Cap Cana each year and would be happy to rent one of your places.

  73. says:

    Hi, I am an owner in Racquet Village, and have the same issues as you guys. I don’t mind joining a group in solidarity against Cap Cana to get some justice ! I can be contacted on

  74. Andrea says:

    We have no resolution. They say the property was delivered but we have no title – they still ignore our emails about title. They are also invoicing us for maintenance!
    Please can we discuss the class action suit?
    Andrea – 203-832-2796

    • golfcapcana says:

      My villa was only partially built. When you say your property was delivered was it 100% built. Did you go to a settlement. Have you ever occupied? What kind of maintenance are they performing? Have never received any status from CapCana. We paid in full. The last time I was down there many years ago the property was overgrown. We never received a deed or title. I am in for a class action suit. Years ago we contacted the title company and they stated all they were was an intermediary for sending money to CapCana, because we contemplated naming the title company in a lawsuit. This is why we created the website

    • juan echeverri says:

      Hi Andrea, May I call you? just let me know a date and time.

  75. Gianmaria says:

    We purchased a villa and a bungalow in 2006, all pre paid. After negotiating and through the help of a very expensive dominican law firm, we had the chance to talk to Cap Cana and to make a long story short we gave them more money to finish up the property. So 15 months ago we entered our unit and are now spending outrageous money both for maintenance and aprocap. We put everything for sale last year but nobody even asked to visit the unit.

    • juan echeverri says:

      Hi GianMaria, it is a pleasure hearing from you again. please tell me, what did you end up getting from them, what did you end up paying them in total, including your initial contract, and how much do you have them listed for today. if you feel more comfortable we can speak through the phone or you can write me an email at Thank again.

  76. juan echeverri says:

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I was wondering where everyone stood and how things were with Cap Cana, I had written a couple of entries on the blog and had received no response. I am glad we are all back on the same page.
    For those who do not know me, my name is Juan Echeverri, I am also a Green Village investor who has not received anything in Cap Cana, but I have been very active in visiting and keeping up with the project during the last 4 years. In 2012 when we had a good group on this blog, I managed to start negotiations with Cap Cana, unfortunately it came to nothing because of what they were asking me to do, which was basically pay them for a new unit, my contract made no sense since what they were asking for was more than the unit was or is worth at the time.
    I know a couple of you have already negotiated with some lots outside the project or apartments in other developments, some of you have even taken green village properties with no title. I am wondering how that is going for you guys and if you are happy with that decision.
    For the rest of us, I would like to once again put together our email group and look for a new course of action. As soon as I finish this post I will send out a test email to see who is still interested to work with us, and who needs to be added to the list.
    I have maintained a pretty good relationship with Cap Cana considering everything that has happened to us in the last 10 years, I believe if we as a group have the updated information of each of our contracts we can negotiate with them as a group. Anyways I don’t want to elaborate here to much, so if each and everyone of you interested could reply with your updated email and contact information we can begin the process and I can let you know of our options going forward. look forward to speaking to all of you.

  77. Ray Ehrhardt says:

    About $750/mo

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